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    Healthcare Plan Information

    2018 Plan Information for Utah

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    State Specific Rates
    Contract Enrollment Code Employee Type Option/Enrollment Type Payment Period Employee Payment
    Altius Health Plans DK4 Non-Postal Standard Self Monthly $148.40
    Altius Health Plans DK5 Non-Postal Standard Self & Family Monthly $327.70
    Altius Health Plans DK6 Non-Postal Standard Self Plus One Monthly $324.46
    Aetna Direct N61 Non-Postal CDHP Self Monthly $131.92
    Aetna Direct N62 Non-Postal CDHP Self & Family Monthly $332.67
    Aetna Direct N63 Non-Postal CDHP Self Plus One Monthly $289.29
    Aetna HealthFund HDHP 224 Non-Postal HDHP Self Monthly $151.86
    Aetna HealthFund HDHP 225 Non-Postal HDHP Self & Family Monthly $334.98
    Aetna HealthFund HDHP 226 Non-Postal HDHP Self Plus One Monthly $328.41
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