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The purpose of the OPM FEHB and FEDVIP Plan and Benefits Information (PBI) Public Use Files (PUFs) is to provide information to the public on FEHB and FEDVIP plans, including information on rates and benefits.

OPM Public Use Statement

The information below outlines OPM policy governing the release of information concerning Federal employee health plan options and benefit information. OPM continues to comply with the Freedom of Information Act and the Privacy Act when releasing information.

Data accuracy: The OPM PBI PUF public data is derived from data collected and compiled by OPM on FEHB plan options and FEDVIP plan options. OPM does not guarantee 100% accuracy of all records and all fields as data is derived from multiple sources. Additionally, OPM reserves the right to amend or update these files at any time.

Data integrity: It is the responsibility of each user to identify the information needed to satisfy the user’s needs. Users should cite OPM PBI PUF data as the data source, and reference the date of the data file and date of access. However, any alteration of the original data, including conversion to other media or other data formats, is the responsibility of the user. Data that have been manipulated or reprocessed by the user is the responsibility of the user. The user may not present or otherwise reference data that have been altered in any way as OPM data. OPM has no responsibility for the data after it has been converted, processed or otherwise altered. OPM has no responsibility for assisting users with converting the data to another format.

Inquiries regarding this data can be sent to:


FEHB Reports

Instruction: to view and download reports click on the report name in the table below.

File NameFile Description
2020 FEHB Plan Key_100919 A list of FEHB Plan Options for the benefit year by state. File includes Plan Name, General Phone Number, Short Service Area Description, Plan Code, Enrollment Code, Enrollment Type, and links to important areas on each plan's website.
2020 FEHB Rates_100919 A list of all rate information by FEHB plan code. File includes Plan Name, Rate Type, Plan Option with Enrollment Type, and Pay Frequency. The file also includes the amount the Employee or Annuitant pays and the amount that the Government pays for each rate type/pay frequency.
2020 FEHB Plan Benefits_110819 A list of each FEHB Plan's benefits by FEHB Brochure Number. File includes Plan Code, Plan Type with Option, and the In-network and Out-of-network Deductibles, Catastrophic Limits, Copays, and Coinsurance for all FEHB benefit categories.
2020 FEHB ZIP Codes_112019 FEHB ZIP codes listed by plan name and state.


FEDVIP Reports

Instruction: to view and download reports click on the report name in the table below. Files will download in .csv format.

File NameFile Description
2020 FEDVIP Plan Key_100919 A list of FEDVIP Plans for the benefit year. File includes a separate worksheet for dental and vision plans. Fields include the Plan Name, Service Area, Plan option, Enrollment Type, Brochure Number, Plan Phone Number, Plan Website, and Provider Directory.
2020 FEDVIP Dental Rates_092719
2020 FEDVIP Vision Rates_092719
Dental plan rate information that includes Plan Name, Option, Rating Region, Biweekly Rates and Monthly Rates by Enrollment Type. Vision plan rate information by Plan Name and Option, displaying Biweekly and Monthly Rates by Enrollment Type.
2020 FEDVIP Rating Areas_100119 Dental plan file includes the state or ZIP Code range and the rating region number associated with each FEDVIP Plan.
2020 FEDVIP Plan Benefits_100919 One file with two worksheets; one for Dental plan benefit Information and one for Vision plan benefit information. Plans are listed alphabetically. Dental plan worksheet includes Plan name, Plan Type with Option, Preventive, Intermediate, Major, Orthodontic, Ortho Lifetime Max, Annual Max per person, and Deductible Per Person. Vision Plan worksheet includes Plan Name, Plan Type with Option, Vision Exam, Vision Lenses only, Frames, Copay, and Additional Features.
2020 FEDVIP ZIP Codes_100919 FEDVIP ZIP codes listed by Plan Name, Rating Region, and State.
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