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News Release

Wednesday, October 8, 2014
Contact: OPM Press Office
Tel: 202-606-2402

First of Series of OPM FEVS Results Reports Takes a Look at Millennials in the Federal Government

Washington, D.C. - Today, the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) released the first-ever report on millennials in the Federal workforce. The report is the first in a series that will take a deeper look at the insights provided by Federal employees through the Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey (FEVS). In addition, the report will provide Federal leadership and the public with a better understanding of the Federal workforce.

Each year, Federal leadership uses the FEVS results as a management tool to drive change and increase engagement and productivity in the workforce. This millennial workforce report will enhance that effort and also serve as an important recruitment and retention tool. This report supports the President’s efforts to attract the best and brightest young people to public service, which has been a priority for him since the beginning of his Administration.

“Ensuring that the Federal government reflects the many diverse communities it serves has been one of my top priorities during my tenure as OPM Director, and I am delighted that we are able to provide this report,” said OPM Director Archuleta. “The Federal government is a great place for millennials to work. The survey results show that they like the work they do, the people they work for, and the valuable opportunities that the Federal government provides. We are looking forward to using the FEVS results to continuously improve and make the Federal government a model employer for all, including this critical population of current and future Federal employees.”

The 2014 FEVS provides valuable insights into how employees feel about their jobs, and what their managers and agency leaders can do to make them feel more engaged, more appreciated, and more productive. As nearly half the Federal workforce nears retirement age, the survey also offers important clues into recruitment and retention strategies for millennials, defined as people born after 1980. More than 336,000 people under the age of 33 currently work in the Federal government. Although they make up just 16 percent of the total workforce today, the impact of millennials will grow exponentially as more of them finish their education, enter public service, and move up the career ladder.

The 2014 FEVS reveals a picture of millennial employees who strongly believe the work they do is important, who believe they are given real opportunities to improve their skills, and who are satisfied with their jobs. That bodes well for government managers hoping to attract more of them to government service.

The survey results provide valuable insights into the millennial workforce:

  • The millennials who responded to the FEVS can see that their work is making a difference. Eighty-six percent said that the work they do is important, and 80 percent said they can see how their work relates to their agency’s goals and priorities.
  • The survey found that nearly two thirds - 61 percent - are satisfied with their jobs and 62 percent would recommend their organization as a good place to work.
  • When asked if their supervisors treat them with respect, 83 percent said yes, a slightly higher rate than the government-wide 80 percent.
  • Seventy-seven percent of millennials indicated their supervisors listen to what they have to say, and more than two-thirds say they have trust and confidence in their managers and believe that their immediate supervisors are doing a good job.
  • Sixty-six percent of millennials said their supervisors support employee development, three percentage points higher than the government-wide score of 63 percent.
  • Sixty-six percent also report that their supervisors provide them with opportunities to demonstrate their leadership skills. Taking this deeper look into the millennial perspective also provides valuable insights into opportunities for improvement. Millennials expressed the desire for greater opportunities to develop creativity, innovation, and better opportunities for career development in the Federal government.

Through the FEVS results, it is evident that millennials are not only helping advance important priorities, but that the Federal government is also offering millennials the type of careers that they are looking for. Stay tuned, this fall, for insights into the Federal workforce.

The full millennial report is available on the FEVS website.   

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