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Press Release

Tuesday, December 14, 2021
Contact: Office of Communications
Tel: 202-594-6827

RELEASE: Chief Human Capital Officers Council Holds Annual Public Meeting

OPM announces new CHCO Council charter and executive steering committee

WASHINGTON – Today the Chief Human Capital Officers (CHCO) Council held its annual public meeting and first public meeting since the council’s functions were reinstated at OPM. 

During the meeting, CHCO Council Chair and OPM Director Kiran Ahuja shared her vision for the future of the federal workforce and highlighted the importance of the CHCO Council partnership in achieving that vision. The meeting also included an overview of CHCO Council accomplishments in the past year, updates from council working groups, special CHCO member recognition, and presentation of a new model for attracting cyber talent for the future. The council also unveiled its new charter, a product of the Strengthening the CHCO Council Working Group. 

“I’m extremely proud to collaborate closely with the CHCO Council as we work to address challenges and create opportunities for the federal workforce,” said Kiran Ahuja, Director of OPM. “This council delivers vital advice, practical solutions, and well-deserved influence to shape how we respond to the great challenges and opportunities impacting the federal workforce—from responding to the pandemic and shaping the future of work, to advancing Diversity Equity Inclusion and Accessibility and building agencies capacity to deliver on their critical work for the American people. I look forward to our continued partnership in both the development and implementation of human capital policy.” 

The new CHCO Council charter includes a number of changes intended to strengthen and elevate the council. Of note are updated objectives, language clarifying the role and responsibilities of the leadership and membership, sections outlining working groups and standing panels, and the inclusion of ex-officio members intended to strengthen the CHCO Council’s relationship with other cross-agency councils. This was an important, collaborative effort between CHCOs and OPM, since the charter hadn’t been updated since 2003. 

The new charter also outlines the creation of a new executive steering committee, composed of the CHCO Council Executive Director and five CHCOs who are members of the council. The committee is responsible for:  

  • advising the council leadership on the council’s strategic direction and priorities;  
  • fostering a strong relationship between OPM and the council; 
  • providing feedback to the council’s Executive Director on proposed agenda items for meetings; 
  • advising on the creation of standing committees and working groups; and 
  • providing feedback to OPM at request of the Chair on urgent policy or operational needs when feedback before a full council meeting is not available. 

As the new charter was finalized, the CHCO Council facilitated a peer-nomination and approval process for the new Executive Steering Committee. New members announced today include: 

  • Margot Conrad, CHCO Council Executive Director 
  • Traci DiMartini, CHCO at the General Services Administration 
  • Catherine Emerson, CHCO at the Department of Justice 
  • Wonzie Garner, CHCO at the National Science Foundation 
  • Jamesa Moone, CHCO at the U.S. Trade Representative and Chair of the Small Agency Human Resources Council 
  • Tracey Therit, CHCO at the Department of Veterans Affairs

The CHCO Council was created as part of the Chief Human Capital Officers Act of 2002. This act requires the heads of 24 Executive Departments and agencies to appoint or designate a CHCO to serve as his or her agency’s chief policy advisor on all human resources management issues and is charged with selecting, developing, training, and managing a high-quality, productive workforce. The CHCO Act also established a Chief Human Capital Officers Council to advise and coordinate the activities of members’ agencies on such matters as the modernization of human resources systems, improved quality of human resources information, and legislation affecting human resources operations and organizations. 

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