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USALearning® supports the development of the federal workforce and advances the accomplishment of agency missions through simplified and one-stop access to high quality e-Learning products, information, and services.

Some of our offerings include the development and delivery of:

  • Customized learning management systems (LMS)
  • Learning content management systems (LCMS) and associated services
  • e-Learning/Testing platforms
  • Communities of practice
  • Other customized content and collaborative platforms to include object and document repositories, course development, and innovative software engineering services

Learn about our Knowledge Portal, LMS Services, and virtual conferences.

The USALearning Program is operated out of OPM, and is part of HR Solutions, in the Center for Leadership Development (CLD). The Program Office offers a wide range of e-Learning products and services, as well as customizable learning management system implementations at discounted rates.

The purpose of the Program is to leverage simplified acquisition processes and allow agencies to expeditiously acquire a myriad of support services via Intra/Interagency Agreements under the authority of the Revolving Fund (5 USC 1304(e)).

Knowledge Portal

We work with agencies to help them understand the importance of sharing knowledge of agency missions, goals, and values across all organizational lines. We help agencies realize the full potential of their employees by helping them develop processes to share knowledge throughout organizations by establishing and managing a central content database for secure access to Government off the Shelf (GOTS) content use and application. Connect to the Knowledge Portal.

Knowledge Portal products include:

Learning Management Services

The Knowledge Portal supports the online education and training requirements of 40+ small agencies via cloud-based, customizable Learning Management and Learning Content Management System support. The Knowledge Portal branch assists client agencies in identifying requirements and development of needs assessments. The use of open source solutions allows for customization and considerable cost savings to client agencies over commercial products available.

Learning Management Content Services

Learning Content Management Services are available as a repository for courses and provide access to all objects and courses that are available in the knowledge/object repository in the Knowledge Portal.

Workflow Management Systems

Workflow Management Systems is a service that is available and can be structured to meet and support client process re-engineering and documentation efforts utilizing the software spiral development process combined with rapid prototyping to develop and conduct demonstration projects in a test-bed environment.

Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management (KM) comprises a range of strategies and practices used in an organization to identify, create, represent, distribute, and enable adoption of insights and experiences. The Knowledge Portal Branch provides services to support entry into KM at the basic level. We also provide solutions to assist client agencies in workflow optimization, document storage and or electronic records management (storage, recovery and search).

Help Desk Services

Help Desk Services is an information and assistance resource that troubleshoots problems with computers or similar products. We often provide help desk support to customers via a toll-free number, website, and e-mail. These services are available via simplified acquisition vehicles and Interagency Agreements for those agencies requiring such support for products and/or systems we provide.

Prototype Development and Demonstrations

The Knowledge Portal Branch identifies and develops new projects and validates proofs of concept for new HR-system-related initiatives in support of HRS, OPM, and external customers. This group provides a consistent, coordinated, and rigorous process for development, testing, and validation of new and emerging technologies and innovative human resources solutions.

LMS Services

Learning Management Systems services include the following:

Online course delivery

Course delivery platforms are customized for one-time or continual use as client requirements dictate. Special and standard features are available to include: registration, course tracking, branding and marketing, editing capabilities, scoring, bookmarking, evaluation, real-time dashboard, and hosting.

Course development

The Knowledge Portal supports the online education and training requirements of 40+ small agencies via cloud-based customizable Learning Management and Learning Content Management System support. This support results in hundreds of thousands of online training completions annually. Training and course development services are available through our simplified acquisition and Interagency Agreements.

Competency management

Competency (or Competence) Management Systems are usually associated with, and may include, a Learning Management System (LMS). Competency Management Systems tend to have a more multidimensional and comprehensive approach and include tools such as competency management, skills-gap analysis, succession planning, as well as competency analysis and profiling. These features are available on the customizable LMS available to clients and customers as requirements dictate.

Resource scheduling

Resource scheduling is an available feature of the course delivery functionality, including classrooms, vehicles, conference rooms, equipment, collaboration resources, instructors, course syllabi, and AV services.

Reporting and tracking

Electronic real-time reporting is available through dynamic dashboards capable of providing project leads and management critical information, tracking course completions, enrollment, delivery means, and other site or system analytics. Electronic exchange of course-specific information among agencies, systems, and reporting entities as required.

Virtual Conference

Give your travel budget a rest with our Virtual Human Resources Training Conference. We offer this daylong online conference in partnership with the White House’s Office of Management and Budget and the Presidential Personnel Office.

Whether you’re a supervisor with vacancies to fill or you work in the human resources space, we’ll give you the tools you need to attract and hire a world-class workforce to serve the American people.

Get valuable information to help you hire the very best people possible at your agency. Learn more at the Virtual Human Resources Training Conference website.

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