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IT Strategic PlanFY 2023-2026

Information Technology (IT) will play a central role in achieving the bold vision expressed in OPM’s FY 2022-2026 Strategic Plan, as the agency enhances customer experiences, modernizes retirement systems, and enhances data security to position the federal
government as a model employer. To understand how OPM will harness technology to meet this objective, OCIO has prepared this four-year IT Strategic Plan for FY 2023-2026

The FY 2022-2026 IT Strategic Plan is also available in a presentation-friendly "lookbook" edition for viewing or download.

Goal 1: Invest in our Workforce

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Goal 2: Enhance Customer Value

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Goal 3: Improve Customer Experience

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Goal 4: Modernize OPM Information Technologies

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Goal 5: Invest in Innovation

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Goal 6: Enhance Cybersecurity

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