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Appendix A: Strategy Summary

Invest in Our Workforce

Strategic Goal 1: Continue investing in diverse and skilled talent across all phases of the employment lifecycle

  • 1.1 Empower and train supervisors with the tools to hire and retain qualified and skilled talent
  • 1.2 Establish annual training and certification requirements based on new technologies and business frameworks
  • 1.3 Formalize an IT mentoring program in conjunction with an OPM mentoring program
  • 1.4 Measure the effectiveness of hiring and training processes, and identify opportunities to improve

Enhance Customer Value

Strategic Goal 2: Adopt objective, trusted performance measures to establish value and trust with customers

  • 2.1 Establish customer performance improvement goals for each program office to show a direct connection to the business value, and track metrics to show improvement
  • 2.2 Define and establish all processes necessary to enable tracking, utilization, and performance by OPM program offices
  • 2.3 Define performance requirements with each customer
  • 2.4 Use cost, utilization, and performance data to interact with each OPM program office

Improve Customer Experience

Strategic Goal 3: Align every IT investment to the business priorities of the agency

  • 3.1 Establish and maintain portfolio management and governance processes for business input, feedback, and transparency in OCIO operations
  • 3.2 Establish a relationship managementfunction for OCIO customers
  • 3.3 Develop a governance structure, processes, and tools to identify, evaluate, prioritize, and track OPM’s IT spend
  • 3.4 Establish budget plans and execution based on the prioritized business needs defined through the governance process
  • 3.5 Implement standards and practices to reduce the number of audit recommendations and findings

Modernize OPM Information Technologies

Strategic Goal 4: Modernize IT across OPM through investments in systems and technologies to improve customer experience

  • 4.1 Enhance customer experience through an improved OPM digital presence
  • 4.2 Improve OPM customer experiences by modernizing key internal systems
  • 4.3 Expand and leverage cloud servicesto enhance employee productivity andcybersecurity protections
  • 4.4 Continually evaluate and upgrade solutions to improve the communications of today’s hybrid workforce
  • 4.5 Expand the Champions Network, OCIO’s partnership across the agency to help with technology and change management

Invest in Innovation

Strategic Goal 5: Enhance the customer experience through the application of innovative technology

  • 5.1 Foster an innovative, collaborative culture
  • 5.2 Enhance the customer experience by establishing an innovation team, staffed with both OCIO and customer champions, to experience and evaluate newtechnology products and solutions.After a pilot, solutions will be considered for possible enterprise implementation

Enhance Cybersecurity

Strategic Goal 6: Protect citizen data and build trust with a comprehensive security strategy

  • 6.1 Define OPM’s overall IT security strategy and budget based on current cybersecurity tools and best practices
  • 6.2 Increase cyber visibility and protection of key systems
  • 6.3 Achieve cyber modernization to counter everchanging and increasing threats to OPM’s mission
  • 6.4 Train OPM staff in cybersecurity role and responsibilities
  • 6.5 Increase the perception of OPM as a trusted entity in the protection of customer and stakeholder data, and mission-critical processing
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