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OPM IT Strategic Plan Goals and Objectives

The OPM IT Strategic Plan includes six OCIO aspirational strategic goals. Each is supported by and aligns with one or more of the eight OCIO Guiding Principles. These strategic goals, while distinct, are mutually reinforcing. Achieving strategic objectives in one strategic goal supports improvement in all six strategic goals.

OCIO used a comprehensive process to develop its FY 2023-2026 IT Strategic Plan. It started with customer insights gained through interviews with all OPM program offices, to align with and support OPM’s Strategic Plan. Those discussions revealed the need for:

  • More innovation and more collaboration on appropriate use of emerging technologies
  • Improvements and better visibility into service performance
  • Better communication from OCIO about its plans
  • More participation from OCIO customers in defining critical requirements

OCIO also gathered information from the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) and GAO recommendations, assessments conducted by independent organizations, including National Academy of Public Administration (NAPA), federal mandates, and industry standards. This plan also incorporates the use of industry best practices and standards for IT planning to enable OCIO to deliver IT effectively and efficiently to its customers.

The plan is structured on the Technology Business Management (TBM) value management framework. TBM defines the tools, processes, data, and people needed to manage the business of technology. Using TBM and other leading industry frameworks, OCIO developed aspirational strategic goals along with supporting strategic objectives that are the foundational changes required for OCIO to become a leading IT organization.

This Strategic Plan will guide OCIO’s actions over the next four fiscal years. As shown in Appendix C, each strategic goal and objective has tangible initiatives that OCIO will undertake for each fiscal year of the plan. Further, each strategic goal and objective will have annual internal performance measures. As appropriate, these will be included in OCIO executives’ and managers’ annual performance plans, motivating all OCIO leaders to accomplish various elements of this plan.

It starts with the OCIO workforce. Having the right staff, with the right skills and abilities, in the proper organizational structure, is the foundation for success, and it is Goal 1. The strategic goals of Enhance Customer Value (Goal 2) and Improve Customer Experience (Goal 3) focus OCIO on effectively and efficiently managing OPM’s IT, while supporting the business of OPM. Goal 4 defines OPM’s IT Modernization strategy, including procurement, development, and deployment of the appropriate IT solutions to meet OPM’s mission and business objectives.

IT is about innovation, and OPM strives to use the latest technologies and processes to deliver its mission (Goal 5). Finally, Cybersecurity (Goal 6) must be top of mind in everything OPM does. There can be no compromising OPM’s commitment to protecting sensitive federal personnel data and supporting systems.

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