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Goal 5: Invest in Innovation

Enhance the customer experience through the application of innovative technology


IT advances rapidly, providing frequent opportunities for OPM to adopt modern solutions and services. Currently, OCIO is leveraging technology innovations such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, as well as process innovations such as Agile and DevSecOps. OCIO will establish the innovation processes needed to understand, nurture, and embrace new technologies.

Foster an innovative, collaborative culture

Productive innovations can come from a variety of sources. OCIO will collaborate with internal OPM offices, other government agencies, and the private sector to identify innovation opportunities and establish a culture that invests in promising innovations.

Initiatives for this strategic objective include:

  • Initiate an OCIO policy to move forward in an agile manner
  • Establish a policy requiring Agile/DevSecOps for all OCIO systems development projects, and incorporate customer experiences and practices in the DevSecOps lifecycle
  • Require all OCIO staff to adopt Agile management practices via robust training, an awareness program, and policy reinforcement
  • Incorporate customer experiences and practices in the DevSecOps lifecycle

Enhance the customer experience by establishing an innovation team, staffed with both OCIO and customer champions, to experience and evaluate new technology products and solutions. After a pilot, solutions will be considered for possible enterprise implementation

To achieve value, innovations must be nurtured, piloted, evaluated, and—if valuable to OPM’s program offices— brought to production. OCIO will establish an innovation governance function to engrain the process of innovation into the OCIO and OPM cultures.

Initiatives include:

  • Charter an OPM IT innovation working group to review and authorize innovation investments
  • Establish enterprise-wide budget and funding mechanisms for innovation investments as approved through the governance process
  • Evaluate innovation projects to date, and graduate key successes to production
  • Evaluate innovation investments aligned to business results
  • Establish an OPM Innovation Network that works to identify outside sources of expertise, practices, and solutions that OPM can leverage
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