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About the Summit

In a world where change is the status quo, it is critical to maintain a diligent focus on research, innovation, and collaboration in order to identify areas of opportunity and to adopt strategies that produce desired outcomes.

As part of the effort to foster a culture of inquiry and collaboration that drives effective Federal workforce policy, the US Office of Personnel Management (OPM) is partnering with American University’s School of Public Affairs to host the 2nd Annual OPM Research Summit.

The Research Summit will bring together academic researchers, Federal practitioners, and industry partners to share research, exchange ideas, and to participate in critical conversations about ways to transform Human Capital Management Policy through research, innovation, and analytics.

This year’s summit will focus on four specific tracks: performance management, diversity and inclusion, workforce reshaping, and analytics and technology; with the ultimate goal to develop a research agenda that guides future studies and policy.

Focus Areas

  • Performance Management

    Objectives include identifying best practices, tools, and systems that focus on improving individual and organizational productivity.

  • Diversity & Inclusion

    Objectives include identifying best practices and strategies to create and sustain a diverse, inclusive Federal workforce where optimal performance can be achieved.

  • Workforce Reshaping

    Objectives include integrating people, processes and technology in ways that improve productivity, efficiency and value.

  • Analytics & Technology

    Objectives include identifying best practices and systems for data analytics, building a cadre of specialized data analysts, and developing strategies for data-driven decision making.

Featured Speakers

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