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Reset your password for OPM Retirement Services Online

Forgot your password or need to change your current password before it expires? Follow these steps to maintain access to your online account.

How to reset your password if you cannot sign in

  1. Sign in to your online account

  2. Go to the password reset page

    From the Services Online linking page, go to the OPM Retirement Services Online password reset page

  3. Provide your claim number and email address, and submit your reset request

  4. Open the link in the email we sent you and follow the instructions to finish the reset process

    It may take up to 5 minutes to receive your email. If the email address you provided doesn't match what we have on file, then you'll need to contact us for support.

How to reset your password if you've never signed in before

If you're a new retiree or annuitant, you will receive a temporary password in your welcome letter. This password expires after 30 days.

If your temporary password has expired, then you should contact us for more support.

If you've never used OPM Retirement Services Online before, then you learn more about getting started.

How to change your password

Go to the password reset instructions page

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Was this helpful?

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