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Employee Resources: Forms

All the Forms You Need to Transfer to FERS

The following forms are all related to the election of FERS coverage. You may not need to fill out all of the forms. However, every employee who wishes to transfer to FERS must fill out SF-3109 - Election of Coverage, Federal Employees Retirement System (first choice in the list below). If you are not sure if you should complete additional forms, check the general instructions on transferring to FERS.

All of the following forms are in PDF Format. Once you have the form opened up in the Acrobat Reader you will be able to fill out the form online. These forms all require copies to be completed for you and for your personnel office. Each copy must be filled out individually. However, because these forms require your signature they cannot be submitted electronically. After completing the form online, you will need to print it out, sign it, and then submit it according to each form's instructions. If you do not wish to complete the form online, you may also print the form first and complete it by typing or printing your information offline; you may also request hard copies from your personnel office.

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