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Data Landscape Review

In 2022, OPM conducted a review of the current data landscape to identify key opportunities and challenges that, if addressed, will propel the organization to achieve its strategic goals and outcomes. This included a review of Federal and OPM publications, stakeholder workshops, and OPM internal data assessments.


OPM reviewed the following publications to ground and align its data strategy to the Federal government’s broad governing laws and strategic goals around human capital management and evidence-based decision-making:

Stakeholder Workshops

OPM conducted workshops with the Chief Human Capital Officers (CHCO) Council and OPM leadership to uncover how data needs could be addressed to effectively deliver policies, human capital services and oversight for the Federal workforce, and to improve the Federal employee experience. Participants highlighted opportunities and current challenges to making data-driven decisions in the current environment. In all, OPM conducted 10 workshops involving 30 senior HR leaders including CHCO and Deputy CHCOs and over 70 OPM leaders. The feedback generated provided valuable insight into priorities for OPM’s data strategy.

Organizational Assessments

OPM conducted assessments to both evaluate its capacities and to identify gaps and interventions needed to develop a robust framework of data culture, literacy, infrastructure, and governance. OPM also reviewed the CHCO Annual Survey to gauge satisfaction with the current workforce data OPM provides.

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