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Goal 2: Deliver high quality data products to inform decision-making

Deliver high quality human capital data products that inform and support critical decision-making for OPM, Federal agencies, employees, and the public.

The need to optimize decision-making is bigger now than ever as OPM begins taking a proactive approach to policy and service delivery to meet current and future needs of a rapidly changing workforce. A key success factor will be OPM’s ability to channel its vast data resources into products that deliver timely insights in a variety of forms to match OPM, Federal agency, employee, and public stakeholder uses. OPM will leverage automation, advanced analytics, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions to reach new heights in service delivery, policymaking and to attract the brightest talents to public service.

Informed decision-making, transparency, and access to their own data are key to the Federal employee’s experience from the time of onboarding through retirement and paramount to implementing the Fair Information Practice Principles embodied in the Privacy Act. OPM will provide Federal employees for whom it maintains records with easy access to their own data and develop products to streamline information collection, improve transparency and enhance decision-making particularly during popular critical moments e.g., applying for a new position, taking leave, and selecting benefits. Improved experiences will also extend to new job seekers to include job matching and automation to enhance the application process.

OPM will collaborate with customers to develop government-wide analytics products based on workforce data. Integrated with industry and contextual data, these products will answer common workforce questions and reveal trends that help agencies forecast workforce needs. OPM will combine advanced analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and the decision and behavioral sciences to optimize outcome-driven decision making.

Under the Executive Order on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility (DEIA), the Federal government has enacted policies to strengthen its ability to recruit, hire, develop, promote, and retain the Nation’s talent and remove barriers to equal opportunity. OPM will improve data collection, use, and sharing to help agencies successfully implement DEIA-focused programs, practices, and policies that support improved equitable services through a more engaged workforce.

OPM will develop a data portal where agencies, employees and the public can utilize a variety of human capital data products and services. OPM will deliver a host of products that are openly available to the public, as well as role-based products that improve the privacy and security of the data while enhancing decision-making.
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