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Goal 3: Leverage technology and standards to enable advanced analytics

Leverage technology and standards to improve data collections, enable appropriate data integration and advanced analytics.

OPM seeks to modernize and scale its infrastructure to improve the collection, appropriate integration, and analysis of Federal human capital data. OPM collects data from agencies across the employee lifecycle, from recruiting to employment to retirement. A technological modernization will be transformative, opening untapped opportunities to optimize the collection, appropriate integration, and delivery of this rich and diverse data asset to OPM’s customers. OPM will aim to achieve: 

  • Improved interoperability between agencies to enable speedy and secure sharing of Federal human capital data.
  • Expanded capacity, scalability, and agility to enable processing of complex human capital analytics workloads.
  • A role-based access platform that enhances the privacy and security of data by adhering to the Federal government’s framework of fair information practice principles.
  • Shared, integrated data, enabling agency leaders, HR specialists and analytics professionals to answer common questions and obtain new insights into previously hidden patterns and relationships.
  • Common self-service tools to seamlessly discover, share, build and use high-quality data products.

OPM will undertake the following initiatives to achieve the desired outcomes: 

OPM will modernize its aging data platforms e.g., Enterprise Human Resources Integration (EHRI), electronic Official Personnel Folder (eOPF), and develop a scalable, cloud-based analytics platform that provides advanced levels of automation and appropriately integrates government-wide human capital, industry, and contextual data. The unified platform will address the need for repetitive data collection and management across agencies. Additionally, it will facilitate consistent access, security, enhanced privacy, and governance across all data assets.

OPM will establish a standard set of analytics tools to optimize collaborative learning and analysis of human capital data across the workforce. Additionally, OPM will provide a common set of advanced, cloud-based tools that provide data science lifecycle and automation support, enabling data scientists to fully unlock the value of human capital data through the development of advanced data science solutions.

OPM will implement a data cataloging tool that provides visibility into the full scope of integrated human capital data, allowing analysts to quickly and securely find and appropriately leverage data sets throughout the organization. OPM will deploy more modern data quality tools that automate data quality processes and improve error-handling of incoming data.
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