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Executive Summary

The U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) is uniquely positioned to help rebuild, empower, and support the Federal workforce over the next few years. OPM workforce development policies will be pivotal as Federal agencies confront some of the biggest challenges the American people face. With a digital transformation taking place across all sectors, including the public sector, success hinges on the ability to manage and leverage data as a strategic asset.  Data, when used appropriately, is a critical resource for OPM as it leads the transformation of the Federal workplace and positions itself as the nation’s premier provider of Federal human capital data. 

We envision a future when all customers - Federal agencies, employees, and the public - seamlessly discover, share, and use high-quality, integrated, and secure human capital data assets across OPM’s unified data ecosystem to better shape workforce policies and enrich the customer experience.  

OPM’s data strategy for FY23-26, developed in collaboration with agency partners across the Federal government, builds on four pillars: 1) a strong, data-driven culture; 2) high quality human capital data products; 3) technology & tool modernization; and 4) effective data governance to implement a framework for acquiring data, managing key data assets, and delivering valuable data insights to our customers.  These pillars will be built with robust privacy policies considered and incorporated at every stage.

OPM’s data strategy will have a transformative effect on the organization, leveraging data, automation, advanced analytics and Artificial Intelligence technologies to guide the organization and its partners to new heights in evidence-based, informed decision-making. 

OPM has begun laying the foundation for its data strategy and will continue to engage with strategic partners to facilitate its successful implementation. 

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