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Bone Marrow/Organ Donation Leave

  • The legislative history regarding leave for bone marrow/organ transplantation leave makes clear that the intent of legislation was to encourage the registration and donation of bone marrow by individuals who might not otherwise donate. It was hoped that providing such an incentive to Federal workers to be bone marrow donors would increase the size and diversity of the donor registry. It was felt that Federal workers should not be required to use their own leave to save the life of another person. There was no intent that this leave be a benefit to the donor.

    An individual having bone marrow removed and stored for future use is not a "donor," and the benefit of 7 days of paid time off was not intended for someone who is undergoing such a procedure for his or her own needs. Sick leave, annual leave, and advanced annual and sick leave are available to an employee facing this type of medical procedure. In addition, leave donated under the Federal leave sharing program and leave without pay under the Family and Medical Leave Act may be used if the condition meets the requirements of these programs.

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