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Court-Ordered Benefits

Questions and answers

If a court order awards you a portion of your former spouse’s retirement benefit, you must apply in writing to OPM. No special form is required.  Your application letter must be accompanied by—

  1. A court-certified copy of the court order acceptable for processing directing OPM to pay you a portion of your former spouse’s employee annuity.
  2. A statement/certification that the court order is currently in force and has not been amended, superseded, or set aside.
  3. Sufficient information for OPM to identify the employee or retiree, such as your former spouse’s full name, CSRS or FERS claim number, date of birth, and social security number.
  4. Your current mailing address and the current mailing address of your former spouse.
  5. When a court order is subject to termination upon remarriage no payment can be made without further statement that remarriage has not occurred.

Please send your request to the address below:

Office of Personnel Management
Court Ordered Benefits Branch
P.O. Box 17
Washington, DC 20044-0017

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