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Questions and answers

An MRA+10 retirement allows you to retire with retirement benefits beginning immediately after you have completed at least ten years of service and have reached your Minimum Retirement Age, which depends on the year you were born and ranges from age 55 to 57. To identify your Minimum Retirement Age, see the FERS Minimum Retirement Age chart below:

If you were born

Your MRA is

Before 1948


In 1948

55 and 2 months

In 1949

55 and 4 months

In 1950

55 and 6 months

In 1951

55 and 8 months

In 1952

55 and 10 months

In 1953-1964


In 1965

56 and 2 months

In 1966

56 and 4 months

In 1967

56 and 6 months

In 1968

56 and 8 months

In 1969

56 and 10 months

In 1970 and after


Keep in mind that if you retire under FERS MRA+10 retirement provisions, your annuity will be reduced for each month you are under age 62. The reduction equals five percent per year (or 5/12 of one percent per month).

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