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Telework Training

OPM's telework resources and interactive courses equip employees and managers with the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary for successful telework.

Get Started with Virtual Telework Training (PDF file) 

OPM offers interactive telework courses for employees and managers. Telework Fundamentals – Employee Training gives employees a brief, practical introduction to telework. It offers tools for deciding whether telework is a good fit for you and for the specific job you hold. It also teaches strategies for teleworking efficiently, staying "plugged in" to the office, and managing interactions with coworkers and customers.

You can also download the Telework Fundamentals – Employee Training SCORM package (ZIP file) 


Telework Fundamentals – Manager Training introduces managers to basic telework concepts. It walks managers through the process of developing a program, selecting employees for telework, and managing effectively in a telework environment.

You can also download the  Telework Fundamentals – Manager Training SCORM package (ZIP file) .


Watch OPM's Telework and Performance Management recorded webcasts to learn about necessary tools to successfully manage employees in a virtual environment. The first part of the series focuses on key steps for developing a successful telework strategy to ensure program success. The second part demonstrates how effective performance management can lead to organizational success in a virtual environment.

Managing in a Virtual Environment Part 1 (external link)

Managing in a Virtual Environment Part 2 (external link)

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