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Message from the Director

The U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) is uniquely positioned to help rebuild, empower, and support the federal workforce over the next four years. OPM workforce development policies will be pivotal as agencies across the government confront the biggest challenges the American people face.

As the largest employer in the country, a key OPM priority is to position the federal government as a model employer. We will promote a diverse, equitable, inclusive, and accessible federal workforce based on merit; develop a strategic vision for the federal government to prepare for the future of work; support federal agencies to attract early career talent; and equip current and future federal workers with the ability to build new skills over time to adapt to a rapidly changing world. All the while, we will continue to champion federal workers and reinvigorate relationships with federal unions.

Moving forward, OPM will continue to serve as a strategic partner to other agencies, oriented toward collaboration, innovation, and solutions, embracing data and evidence-informed policies and practices. Our efforts will help advance the Administration's key priorities on climate change, racial equity, healthcare, COVID-19, immigration, and restoring America's global standing. Through our FY 2022—FY 2026 Strategic Plan, OPM sets an ambitious path forward to elevate and honor service to America by leading federal agencies and the workforce in people management policies and programs.

In satisfying our core mission, this work requires us to rethink and enhance our customers' experiences, from job seekers using USAJOBS to annuitants accessing retirement services. After thorough review of stakeholder feedback and NAPA report insights, we are transforming our organizational capacity and capability to better serve as the leader of workforce development policies for the federal government. We will strengthen our own team, better engage stakeholders outside the agency and government, put the agency on a path to fiscal sustainability, and prioritize an enterprise-wide approach towards modernizing IT investments to maximize impact and efficiency.

More than two million people serve in the federal civilian workforce every day – at OPM, we work just as hard for them as they do for the American people. We shape the experiences of millions of federal job seekers, employees, and retirees, whether it is administering benefits that model progressive values or helping partner agencies recruit and retain the talent they need to meet their missions in service to the American people.

We are living through a historic moment for the country and for the federal workforce that gives us a unique opportunity to make a lasting impact. By accomplishing the goals and objectives outlined in this strategic plan, OPM will do its part to help build America back better.

Director Kiran Ahuja
March 2022

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