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Mission, Vision, Values


We are champions of talent for the federal government. We lead federal agencies in workforce policies, programs, and benefits in service to the American people.


We will create a new vision of work, together. We will position the federal government as a model employer for past and present employees through innovation, inclusivity, and leadership. We will build a rewarding culture that empowers the workforce to solve some of our nation's toughest challenges.



OPM honors and respects our employees and customers through practices that promote diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility and uphold the principles of the federal merit system. The federal workforce should reflect the diversity of the American people.


OPM employs innovative solutions and strategies to address government-wide talent management challenges and build the workforce of the future.


OPM fulfills its mission by delivering outstanding customer service to federal agencies, the federal workforce, federal retirees, and federal job seekers.


OPM achieves results by using our expertise, data, and best practices.

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