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Contraception Coverage

What is covered in my FEHB plan?

  • You and your covered family members have the right to the form of contraception or birth control that your provider recommends is best for your care.
  • FEHB plans must cover, regardless of your gender identity, at least one form of contraception from each category listed in the Women’s Preventive Services Guidelines. There is no out-of-pocket cost for covered contraception.
  • The FDA provides examples of contraceptives categorized in the Women’s Preventive Services Guidelines.

Optional Coverage: Many plans cover sterilization surgery for males (vasectomy). Vasectomies may have out-of-pocket costs. Check the plan brochure for coverage details and costs.

What if the recommended contraception is not covered?

  • Use the contraception exception process if the contraception recommended by your provider is not covered or has an out-of-pocket cost. You or your provider may submit an exception request.
  • To learn how to use the contraception exception process, see section 5(f) of your plan brochure. Your plan’s website should also have more information.
  • The plan has 24 hours to respond to your exception request after receiving all necessary documents.

Need Help? You must first use the contraception exception process to get coverage for contraception recommended by your provider. If you continue to experience problems getting coverage, email your concerns to

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