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Open Season

November 13 – December 11, 2023

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Tribal Employees

The 2023 Open Season is from November 13, 2023 through December 11, 2023. For information on the insurance plans available to you, please click on the topics below:

Frequently Asked Questions

Most FEHB plans will see benefit and rate changes for the upcoming year. Some plans are dropping out of the program nd others are changing their service areas or coverage options. It is wise to review your coverage during this period to decide what coverage and premium best suits your needs for the upcoming year. You cannot enroll, change your enrollment, or cancel your coverage in these programs outside the Open Season unless you experience a Qualifying Life Event.

You can find out if your FEHB plan is terminating coverage in your service area or is leaving the FEHB Program here. See Tribal Benefits Administration Letter 2020-703: Significant Plan Changes.

You will continue to be covered by your present health insurance plan, unless your plan is dropping out of the FEHB or reducing its service area. See Tribal Benefits Administration Letter 20-703: Significant Plan Changes. However, your benefits, premiums, or coverage options may change. You can not enroll, change your enrollment, or cancel your FEHB coverage outside the Open Season unless you experience a Qualifying Life Event.

Complete and submit an enrollment form (Standard Form (SF) 2809) to your tribal employer. You can obtain an SF 2809 from the OPM’s website or from your tribal employer.

You can find information on benefits in the individual plan brochures and by using our online Plan Comparison Tool. When using the Plan Comparison Tool, you will be able to compare benefits, rates, and customer satisfaction survey results.

The Federal Employee Health Benefits health plan brochures are available online. Once you're there, you'll see a map of the United States. When you click on the state where you live, three charts will appear with all the available plans for your state and links to health plan brochures. Simply find your plan and click the link to your plan's brochure.

If you need assistance or have a question, contact your Tribal Benefits Officer . For questions about benefits, you may refer to the specific plan brochure or contact the health plan directly.

There are several items that can help you choose an FEHB plan.

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