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Insurance FAQs

Workers' Compensation and FEGLI

  • Some employees are eligible to continue FEGLI life insurance into workers’ compensation. FEGLI coverage continues for free (no premium) for up to 12 months for an employee in nonpay status. But if you are receiving benefits from OWCP during these 12 months, your premiums will be paid from those benefits. At the end of those 12 months, your employing agency will forward your FEGLI life insurance records to OPM. OPM will determine if you are eligible to continue coverage as a “compensationer”. To be eligible, you must have carried your FEGLI coverage for your last 5 years of Federal service before starting compensation, or if you had coverage for less than 5 years, for your entire period(s) of Federal service. Compensationer life insurance is subject to the same conditions as those of a civil service retiree. If you are eligible to continue coverage, OPM will maintain your coverage records while OWCP will withhold premiums. If you are not eligible to continue coverage, your FEGLI terminates at the end of your first 12 months of nonpay status. When your FEGLI coverage terminates, the law provides a free 31-day temporary extension of coverage to allow you to find new life insurance. You also have the right to convert your terminating coverage to a non-FEGLI individual life insurance policy with a private life insurance company. For information about your FEGLI coverage, contact OPM Retirement at 1-888-767-6738 if you are already past your first 12 months of nonpay status.
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