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I have a common law spouse



If you have a valid common law marriage (with a spouse of the opposite sex), your spouse is considered an eligible family member.

Dental or Vision

If you have a valid common law marriage, your spouse is considered an eligible family member.


If the coverage is not assigned, and there is no court order or designation of beneficiary on file, the Office of Federal Employees Group Life Insurance (OFEGLI) will pay benefits based on the order of precedence. A common law spouse may be recognized based on the laws of the state in which the insured was domiciled.

Flexible Spending Accounts

If your common law spouse is your legal spouse for tax purposes, expenses incurred by him/her can be eligible expenses under your FSAFEDS account.

Long Term Care

Your common law spouse is eligible to apply for FLTCIP coverage, provided your state of residence recognizes common law marriage.

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