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Healthcare & Insurance Life Insurance

Designation of Beneficiary

FEGLI enrollees and assignees use this form to designate who should receive the death benefits. NOT required if the enrollee or assignee has not filed a previous designation of beneficiary and is satisfied with the standard order of precedence.

Attachments are also available for designating a trust:

Electronic Copies:

SF 2823

Paper Copies:


Request a paper copy of this form from your servicing Human Resources Office.

Annuitants or Assignees:

  • Call toll free 1-888-767-6738 (202-606-0500 in the DC Area), or
  • Send an email to, giving the number of the form that you need and your mailing address, or
  • Request a copy from a local Federal agency Human Relations Office.


Use your internal agency procedures for ordering Standard Forms. Paper copies of this form are NOT available from OPM.

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