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November 2020

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October 2020

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March 2020

  • OPM Announces the COVID-19 Surge Response Program Mar 27, 2020

    OPM announces the creation of the COVID-19 Surge Response Program in response to the declared National Emergency. Under this program, agencies will be able to post rotational opportunities for federal employees to support the COVID-19 response.

  • NEWS: OPM Issues Flexibility to the VA to Combat COVID-19 Mar 20, 2020

    OPM has delegated authority to the VA to issue dual compensation reduction waivers, enabling the VA to quickly reemploy retired subject matter experts and deploy them to where they are needed most to combat COVID-19.

  • OPM Partners with NASA to Evaluate, Select Next Class Astronauts Mar 2, 2020

    OPM in partnership with NASA, announced the release of new online application and assessment tools that will streamline the astronaut selection process for future explorers under the Artemis lunar exploration program and beyond.

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February 2020

  • OPM Issues Updated Time-to-Hire Guidance Feb 25, 2020

    OPM issued updated reporting requirements for the annual Time-to-Hire (T2H) submissions. The new requirements will better account for all the innovative hiring strategies that agencies have been implementing.

  • OPM Releases Highlights of 2019 FEHB Plan Performance Assessment Feb 18, 2020

    OPM released its annual Plan Performance Assessment (PPA) report on the overall performance of health insurance carriers in the FEHB Program. The PPA measures FEHB Carriers on Clinical Quality, Customer Service and Resource Use.

  • OPM Sends 2020 FEHB Call Letter to Carriers Feb 11, 2020

    OPM has sent out the annual FEHB Call Letter to carriers. The Call Letter describes OPM’s policy goals and initiatives for the next plan year. It highlights ongoing policy goals, new initiatives, and negotiation objectives for the FEHB Program.

  • NEWS: OPM Issues Further Coronavirus Guidance to Agencies Feb 7, 2020

    OPM has released additional guidance to assist agencies and employees in responding to any concerns about exposure to the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV).

  • NEWS: OPM Reminds Agencies of Guidance for 2020 Census Feb 6, 2020

    OPM is issuing a Memorandum for Heads of Executive Departments and Agencies as a reminder to agencies that current employees may be able to accept employment with the Census Bureau during the 2020 census taking.

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January 2020

  • OPM Director Cabaniss Visits Boyers Site Jan 22, 2020

    BOYERS, Pa

  • OPM Publishes CBA Database Online Jan 9, 2020

    OPM announced the release of the collective bargaining agreements database available on its website in accordance with President Trump’s Executive Order on Developing Efficient, Effective, and Cost Reducing Approaches to Federal Sector Collective Bargaining.

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