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I'm getting married or remarried



When you marry or remarry, you may enroll, change from Self Only to Self and Family, or change from one plan or option to another. You must submit your enrollment change from 31 days before to 60 days after the change in family status.

Family members eligible for coverage under your Self and Family enrollment include your spouse (including a valid common law marriage) and children under age 26, including legally adopted children, recognized natural children, stepchildren (including children of same-sex domestic partners in certain states), and foster children who live with you in a parent-child relationship.

If you have a Self and Family enrollment, you do not have to complete a new Health Benefits Election Form (SF 2809). You should contact your health plan to inform them of the new family member(s). If your health plan questions whether someone is an eligible family member, the health plan may ask you or your Human Resources or Retirement Office for more information. The FEHB Handbook provides detailed information on who are eligible family members.

You can find more information about adding new family members in the FEHB Handbook. Your Human Resources Office or your Retirement Office can give you additional details about family member eligibility, including any certification or documentation that may be required for coverage.

Dental or Vision

Getting married or remarried is a Qualifying Life Event for enrollees in the Federal Employees Dental and Vision Insurance Program (FEDVIP).

If you already have a Self and Family enrollment, log into your BENEFEDS account at and add your new spouse to your enrollment. It's best to do this immediately, so there won't be any delay in claims or services.

If you have a Self Only or Self Plus One enrollment and would like to add your new spouse, you have a limited time period to change to a Self Plus One or Self and Family enrollment. You can do so from 31 days before to 60 days after the marriage as a "Qualifying Life Event" at Don't miss these dates, or you will have to wait until the next Federal Benefits Open Season to make the change.

If you do not have access to a computer, call BENEFEDS at 1-877-888-FEDS (3337), TTY 1-877-889-5680.


An employee who experiences a FEGLI qualifying life event, which includes getting married or remarried, has 60 days from the date of the event to elect Basic, plus any or all Optional insurance: Option A, Option B (up to the maximum of 5 multiples with no restrictions), and Option C (up to the maximum with no restrictions).Each Option C multiple equals $5,000 in coverage for a spouse and $2,500 for each eligible dependent child. Please refer to the FEGLI Handbook for more information.

Flexible Spending Accounts

You may be able to enroll in a health care flexible spending account and/or dependent care account or change your current election(s) from 31 days before the event to 60 days after the event (if your agency participates in FSAFEDS). For the health care account, you must also be eligible to enroll in the FEHB Program. Your requested change must be consistent with the event, and you cannot enroll or increase your election(s) after October first (you would have to wait until Open Season).

Go to and click on "Qualifying Life Event" or call FSAFEDS at 1-877-FSAFEDS (372-3337), TTY: 1-800-952-0450 to discuss possible options.

Long Term Care

Your new spouse can apply for FLTCIP coverage within 60 days after your marriage using the Abbreviated Underwriting Application. After 60 days, your new spouse can still apply but must use the Full Underwriting Application.

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