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Frequently Asked Questions Combined Federal Campaign

Can you have a local federation with less than 15 eligible member organizations? What if they have 15 eligible member organizations but one member organization elects to list with another federation taking them to 14 member organizations?

A federation must have 15 qualifying member organizations, in addition to itself at the time of its application, to be deemed eligible for participation as a federation in any CFC. In cases where federations have the same organizations eligible, the organization must write a letter to the LFCC determining which federation they want to be listed under during the campaign. Federations are only listed if they have 15 eligible members on their listing. If the federation has 14 or fewer members in addition to itself at the time of application, it should request its member organizations to apply as independent organizations. If a federation falls to 14 or fewer member organizations during the year, the federation that listed the organization that has left will continue to distribute that organization's funds through the remainder of the campaign period.

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