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    Frequently Asked Questions::What is a "non-critical element" and how can it be used in the performance-appraisal process?

    What is a "non-critical element" and how can it be used in the performance-appraisal process?

    A non-critical element is a dimension or aspect of individual, team or organizational performance, exclusive of a critical element, used in assigning a summary level. It may include, but is not limited to, objectives, goals, program plans, work plans, and other means of expressing expected performance. Its use is optional but, if used, it must be expressed as an element and standard, be included in the employee's performance plan, and be used in assigning a summary level for the rating of record. However, a non-critical element cannot be used as a basis for taking a performance-based action. Other features of non-critical elements:

    • they cannot be used in two-level appraisal programs (i.e., pass/fail)
    • they can be given more weight than critical elements when assigning a summary level above "Unacceptable" (Level 1)
    • they must have a performance standard written for at least one level, the written standard need not describe the "Fully Successful" or equivalent level

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