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Frequently Asked Questions Pandemic

If an employee is healthy but chooses to stay home because he or she has been in direct contact with an individual exposed to a quarantinable communicable disease, such as COVID-19, in what pay/leave status is the employee placed?

An employee, covered by a telework agreement, may request to telework with the permission of the supervisor. Agencies could also consider expanding telework to any telework eligible employees to provide additional flexibility for employees. For employees who are not currently covered by a telework agreement, agencies may also consider whether an employee has some portable duties (e.g., reading reports; analyzing documents and studies; preparing written letters, memorandums, reports and other correspondence; setting up conference calls, or other tasks that do not require the employee to be physically present), that would allow him/her to telework on a situational basis. An ad-hoc telework agreement should be signed to cover the period the employee is permitted to work from the approved alternate location (e.g., home). An employee may also request to take annual leave, advanced annual leave, other paid time off (e.g., earned compensatory time off, earned credit hours), or leave without pay. An agency may not authorize weather and safety leave to an employee under this scenario. The use of sick leave would be limited to circumstances where an employee has become symptomatic (ill) due to a quarantinable communicable disease, such as COVID-19. 

Last Updated:  3/7/2020

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