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Frequently Asked Questions Combined Federal Campaign

Who is required to complete the CFC Audit Guide reports, the LFCC or PCFO?

Chapter I of the CFC Audit Guide requires the PCFO to provide a copy of its own organization's audited financial statements to the LFCC who then forwards them to OPM. Chapter II of the CFC Audit Guide requires the LFCC to complete a compliance assessment with assistance from the PCFO. The LFCC Chair, or a designated LFCC member, must prepare and sign a report communicating the results of its compliance assessment and provide the report to OPM along with a copy of the Pledge Form Questionnaire. The Agreed-Upon Procedures (AUP) report must be completed by a certified public accountant or CPA firm in accordance with Chapter III of the CFC Audit Guide. The report must include copies of the audit schedules used to complete the AUPs. The PCFO is responsible for forwarding the AUP report to the LFCC who then forwards it to OPM along with the audit schedules.

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