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Frequently Asked Questions Retirement

How do I know which retirement system I'm in now?

Look at any of your Standard Form 50s (Notifications of Personnel Actions). There's a block that shows your retirement plan. It's Block 30 on all current SF-50s. You'll see a code followed by an acronym that represents your retirement plan. Most Federal employees are in one of four possible retirement plans. They are:

Retirement Plan

Commonly Called


Civil Service Retirement System


Code 1 or 6

Civil Service Retirement System and Social Security

CSRS Offset

Code C or E

Social Security Only


Code 2

Federal Employees Retirement System


Code K, L, M, or N

"FICA" indicates Social Security coverage on your SF-50. For example, your retirement coverage as it appears on the SF-50 may be CSRS and FICA instead of CSRS Offset or FERS and FICA instead of FERS.

If your agency does not use Standard Form 50s, you can find your retirement plan on the form it uses to notify you of personnel actions.

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