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Frequently Asked Questions Assessment Policy

When using category rating, are there any policies regarding whether additional assessments can be conducted after an individual has made the Certificate of Eligibles? What rules are there regarding rating and ranking candidates after an individual has made the Certificate of Eligibles?

In short, OPM does not offer specific guidance to agencies on administering additional assessments after a certificate is issued.  Please check your agency's policies on administering post-certification assessments because policies may vary by agency.


To be placed on a Certificate of Eligibles, applicants must have already been screened for minimum qualifications and been assessed for critical competencies established for the position.  Once a certificate is issued, the selecting official may select from any of the candidates in the highest quality category, with the exception that a non-veteran may not be selected over a veteran without an approved pass over.


However, one "post-cert" option for selecting officials is to conduct a "selecting official's interview," which may be used to verify candidates' qualifications for a job after they have been rated using other assessment methods, but prior to making a hiring decision (refer to the introduction of OPM's  Structured Interview Guide,  In a selecting official's interview, candidates' responses are not typically scored. 


For additional information regarding post certification assessments, please contact

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