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How do I score a structured interview? How do I assign 'points' to the content areas and rating scale?

Scores for a structured interview are based on the proficiency levels, where each interviewer will record the score he or she gave a candidate for each competency (content area).  For example, if a 5-point proficiency scale is being used, each competency will receive a score ranging from 1 (Awareness) to 5 (Expert) from each interviewer.  

It is recommended you assign equal weights to each competency (content area).  Using equal weights is generally the most effective and defensible course of action in the absence of a clear and documented rationale for doing otherwise. 

If you do give different weights to competencies (content areas), be sure to document the justification for doing so.

The Structured Interview Guide is located on OPM's Assessment and Selection Policy website and provides additional information on scoring structured interviews (

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