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Frequently Asked Questions Assessment Policy

How are structured interviews – or the use of structured interviews – connected to Hiring Reform? How does it help?

In the "Presidential Memorandum (Section 1: Directions to Agencies)," the second item talks about assessing applicants using valid, reliable tools (  Structured interviews provide a consistent, structured methodology for assessing applicants, and as such, meet the legal and professional standards for an assessment method when developed and administered properly.

Research has demonstrated that structured interviews can be reliable, valid measures of competencies.  They are legally defensible when the interview questions target job-related behaviors and/or experiences identified through a job analysis.  The use of job-related assessments increases the likelihood of hiring high-quality candidates.

Structured interviews are also a great tool to assess those competencies that may be difficult to measure with other assessments, such as Teamwork, Oral Communication, and Interpersonal Skills.

For more information about structured interviews, please visit the Structured Interviews page on the Selection and Assessment website (

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