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    Frequently Asked Questions::If an agency is in the middle of the appraisal period and decides to change...

    If an agency is in the middle of the appraisal period and decides to change the number of summary levels used in its appraisal program, is it required to end the current period and give employees a rating of record?

    No. Regulations do not require that the appraisal period be ended to change appraisal programs. However, agencies need to remember that the regulations permit only a single rating of record in a given appraisal period. When changing programs, agencies may grant a rating of record, grant a performance rating that does not summarize the entire period, or do nothing when changing summary level patterns in the middle of an appraisal period. If an agency provides for neither a rating of record nor a performance rating, it must ensure that an employee's performance prior to conversion is considered when deriving a rating of record under the new program at the end of the appraisal period.

    Agencies that choose not to close the appraisal period and grant a rating of record should be aware of the possible demoralizing effects of not using performance levels agreed to at the beginning of the period to assess performance up to the time of conversion. They should particularly anticipate employee concerns over possible implications for assigning additional service credit in a reduction in force.

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