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    Frequently Asked Questions::An agency has varying performance appraisal cycles. If it gives a rating of record to...

    An agency has varying performance appraisal cycles. If it gives a rating of record to those employees who have completed their minimum period when a program and summary level pattern change, what happens to those who haven't completed the minimum period?

    Agencies may not prepare performance ratings, including ratings of record, for employees who have not completed the minimum period. Therefore, an agency may choose to phase in the implementation of its new program to allow organizations with such employees to wait until the minimum periods are completed. If the agency waits for completion of applicable minimum periods before converting, a rating of record with its summary level could be assigned under the old program. If the agency does not wait, the performance during the period after the employee's last appraisal period and before the program changes must be accounted for in the employee's next rating of record under the new program. Agencies should consider the number of employees close to completing their minimum periods and whether or not they are isolated into different organizations before establishing their policies. If agency conversion decisions appear arbitrary, employees may be concerned about the loss of potential additional service credit they might have been granted in a reduction in force with another rating of record under the old rating pattern. This is yet another reason why employee involvement is so critical in promoting acceptance of program changes.

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