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What are my choices in filing an appeal of the classification of my position or grading of my job?

Only a current Federal employee may appeal the classification of his or her current official position.  The right to appeal ends after the employee leaves the appealed position or job.  The appeal choices available depend on whether the employee is a General Schedule (GS) employee or a Federal Wage System (FWS) employee.

If you are a GS employee, you may appeal the pay system, occupational series, grade, and/or official title of your position at any time to your agency or directly to OPM but not both at the same time.  Another option available to a GS employee is to make your classification appeal to OPM through your agency.  Your agency must act on your appeal within 60 calendar days or forward it to OPM for action.  If your agency's decision on your appeal is not in your favor, your appeal is automatically forwarded to OPM.

Generally, we recommend that you first seek an appeal decision from your agency.  If you appeal to your agency and its decision is unfavorable, you can still appeal to OPM. However, if you appeal first to OPM and receive an unfavorable decision, you cannot then appeal to your agency.

If you are an FWS employee and disagree with the grade of your job, you must first appeal to your agency.  Then, if you are dissatisfied with your agency's decision, you may appeal to OPM.  Your appeal to OPM must be filed within 15 calendar days of the date you receive your agency's decision.  You must tell us which specific part of your agency's appeal decision you disagree with and why.

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