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Frequently Asked Questions USAJOBS

What is a Saved Search and how do I create a Saved Search?

Saved searches help you look for jobs in your area of interest. The saved search will automatically search for jobs based on your search criteria, and then email you when there are new jobs entered into the database that meet your specifications. The USAJOBS saved search creation, deletion, editing, and viewing functions are all located within My Account.

To create a saved search, simply follow these instructions:

1.    Click the My Account tab at the top of the page and log-in to your account.
       If you need to create a new account, click 'Create your account now', enter
       your information, and click 'Submit'.

2.    Once you are logged in, click the link to 'Create a new saved search'. You
       can create up to 10 saved searches.

3.    Specify the search criteria and then click 'Save Search'.

Note: When asked to create a name for the saved search, you may enter a name of your choice that is related to the job such as:  Administrative, program analyst, management analyst.

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