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Frequently Asked Questions USAJOBS

Saved Documents Enhancement?

Using your Saved Documents - USAJOBS allows your application for employment, maximum flexibility by giving you the ability to save up to ten attachments along with your resume such as a DD-214, SF-15, SF-50, OF-306, transcripts or other types of documents requested by announcements.

To upload a document:

1.Log-in at "My Account".
2.Click on "Saved Documents".
3.Click browse and select a file stored on your computer to include in your Saved Documents. Files must be less than 3mb and can either be .gif, .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .rtf, .doc, .docx or .pdf format.
4.Enter a name for your document.
5.Click "Upload". 

After you have successfully uploaded a document, you can click to view or delete your document(s) at any time.

TIP: Only attach the documents specifically requested by the announcement to which you are applying.

NOTE: Attachments cannot be used in place of your USAJOBS resume. Your attachments will be sent with the USAJOBS resume you choose to use. To attach your own resume to your USAJOBS account, you can do so in the Resumes section of your account

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