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Frequently Asked Questions Suitability Executive Agent

How do I report an action my agency takes based on a National Background Investigations Bureau (NBIB) Report of Investigation?

Under the provisions of 5 CFR parts 731 and 732, agencies are required to report their final adjudicative actions to OPM. Per 5 CFR 731.203(g), all actions based on an NBIB investigation must be reported to OPM as soon as possible and in no event later than 90 days after receipt of the final report of investigation. The INV FORM 79A is included with closed NBIB Reports of Investigation for this purpose. Agencies should follow the instructions provided on the form and return it to OPM within 90 days after receipt of the final report of investigation. In some cases, agencies will also be asked to contact OPM to coordinate adjudication. Occasionally, the agency may be contacted by Suitability Adjudications if OPM decides to assume jurisdiction and adjudicate the case.

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