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What additional information does OPM typically ask agencies to submit with requests to amend appendix A (hazardous pay)?

OPM typically asks agencies to submit the following information with amendment requests, as applicable:

  1. a detailed description of the hazardous duty or physical hardship (i.e., explain what causes the hazard);
  2. specific wording of the proposed category (as it would appear in appendix A), including the threshold for payment and the recommended percentage to be paid;
  3. information on ways to mitigate the hazard (e.g., training, use of safety procedures and equipment);
  4. information on the measures the agency has taken to practically eliminate the hazard;
  5. an explanation of why the hazard is "unusual;"
  6. information on Occupational Safety and Health Administration standards or other published material on safety for the work situation. Information on how the agency will determine whether the hazard is reduced to a less than significant level;
  7. descriptions of and statistics on actual accidents or injuries that have occurred because of exposure to the hazard or physical hardship;
  8. information on when a decision is made not to expose an employee to the hazard or physical hardship;
  9. information about other Federal agencies that may be affected by such a category;
  10. information on Federal Wage System employees in the agency that may be exposed to the hazard or physical hardship in the same manner; and
  11. whether and in what manner the hazard has affected the classification of the position.

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