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Frequently Asked Questions Pay & Leave

What are the time limits for using restored leave?

In most cases, restored annual leave must be scheduled and used not later than the end of the leave year ending 2 years after --

  • the date of restoration of the annual leave forfeited because of administrative error;
  • the date fixed by the head of the agency or designee as the date of termination of the exigency of the public business; or
  • the date the employee is determined to be recovered and able to return to duty.

The above limitations do not apply to

  • Department of Defense employees at installations undergoing closure or realignment (BRAC) (see 5 CFR 630.306(b));  
  • employees whose annual leave was forfeited because of an extended exigency of the public business (see 5 CFR 630.309); or
  • employees who are subject to an exigency of the public business because they are determined necessary to respond to the “National Emergency by Reason of Certain Terrorist Attacks” (see 5 CFR 630.311).
For more information, see the Restoration of Annual Leave fact sheet.

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