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Frequently Asked Questions Open Government

Why are OPM's open government flagship initiatives important to me?

Much of the work of our initial flagship initiative involves learning more about the types of information and documents our stakeholders want from OPM. As we do so, to improve public knowledge of our work, we will highlight documents that might seem buried in our site or that you might not think to look for. In this way, we will make it easier for you to find the information you need when you need it.

For our second flagship initiative, we are centralizing our call centers and help desks to provide seamless, accurate, and timely customer service through a logical, tiered approach. This will make it easier for you get answers from us quickly. It will also help us speak in one voice, thereby reducing the potential for confusion. Finally, it will benefit taxpayers by producing cost savings over the medium and long terms through a reduction in duplication of operational functions.

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