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What is a conversion policy? Who is eligible to convert their FEGLI life insurance benefit?

When your FEGLI group life insurance coverage terminates involuntarily (as opposed to when you voluntarily cancel it), you can convert your coverage to a non-FEGLI individual life insurance policy with a private insurance company.  Common termination events include leaving Federal service, changing to a position that is not eligible for FEGLI, or retiring without meeting the requirements to continue coverage.

When FEGLI coverage terminates, you can convert all or part of your life insurance coverage with no medical exam required.  Your premiums will change because you no longer will receive a government contribution toward your premium and because you are no longer part of an insurance pool with other enrollees.

If you have assigned (transferred ownership of) your coverage to someone else, then your assignee has the right to convert coverage, except for your Option C (Family Insurance).

The individual conversion policy will be a cash-value type of life insurance policy. This means it will build cash value that you can borrow against. You cannot convert to term insurance.

Typically the deadline to convert is 60 days after the terminating event, or 31 days after you receive notice from your agency, whichever is sooner.  To convert, follow the instructions on the Notice of Conversion Privilege.

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