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My FEHB enrollment terminated during military service. I have been restored to a civilian position but want to postpone immediate reinstatement of my FEHB because I have transitional TRICARE. Please summarize how this postponement may affect me.

Following is a summary of the effects of postponing immediate reinstatement of FEHB:

  • You may reinstate your FEHB enrollment at any time within the 180-day TAMP period.
  • If you transfer to another Federal agency, your former Human Resources Office should send the new agency your Waiver of Immediate Reinstatement of FEHB along with your FEHB records, so that your postponement may continue.
  • If you are separating from employment, you can revoke your waiver during your final pay period. Your FEHB would then be reinstated so that you would be eligible for TCC or to convert to an individual policy with your insurance carrier.
  • If you retire during your transitional TRICARE period, you must meet the 5 year/initial opportunity requirement and be covered under FEHB on the day you retire. Your Human Resources Office can help you reinstate your FEHB before you retire.
  • If you die, your waiver terminates and your survivors may continue your FEHB enrollment if they are eligible for a survivor annuity and your postponed enrollment was for Self and Family.

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