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I am a Member of Congress or designated congressional employee aged 65 or older and enrolled in Medicare. According to the Affordable Care Act, as of January 2014, I will be required to purchase health insurance on the health care exchange.  The Marketplace website states that "it is against the law for someone who knows that I have Medicare to sell me a Marketplace plan policy.”  How is this to be handled by those of us 65 and over?

If you are a Member of Congress or designated congressional staff, you will be required to purchase a health benefits plan through the DC Health Link in order to receive a government contribution towards your premium.  DC Health Link SHOP coverage is not subject to the same limitation as the individual Exchange which precludes an individual from carrying both Medicare and an individual Exchange policy.  You can continue to have Medicare coverage in addition to your employer-sponsored DC Health Link plan.  The DC Health Link plan will be your primary coverage and Medicare will be secondary.  Please note that if you elect not to enroll through DC Health Link, you may not be eligible to carry OPM-contracted FEHB health benefits into retirement with a government contribution. 

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