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What should I consider in making my decision to participate in Federal Dental or Vision insurance program (FEDVIP)?

There are questions you should ask yourself when deciding to enroll in FEDVIP or selecting a FEDVIP plan. By considering these questions thoroughly, you will be able to determine if FEDVIP is a good option for you.

1. Does my FEHB plan provide dental or vision coverage?

2. Does the FEDVIP plan coordinate benefits with the FEHB plan and how is the coordination of benefits calculated?

3. How affordable is the plan?

- How much will it cost me on a bi­weekly or monthly basis? Can I afford that for the entire year?
- Must I pay a deductible?
- If I use a FEDVIP provider outside of the network, how much will I pay to get care?
- How frequently can I visit the dentist and how much do I have to pay at each visit?
- Will the plan provide benefits if I am also covered by another dental or vision plan?

4. Do I have access to any provider?

- Does the plan give me the freedom to choose my own dentist or am I restricted to a panel of dentists selected by the plan?
- Are there enough of the kinds of dentists I want to see?
Where will I go for care? Are these places near where I work or live?
- Do I need to get permission before I see a dental specialist?
- Will the plan allow referrals to specialists? Will my dentist and I be able to choose the specialist?

5. Does the plan provide coverage for specialty services?

- Are dentures, orthodontics, implants or replacement of missing teeth covered?
- What are the plan’s limitations or exclusions?
- Are there annual limits on the types of services included?

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